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Birthlight's thoughts on biological nurturing approach to feeding?

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I've been on the postnatal course recently and we covered the topic of the aligned postnatal sitting position today and while I was reviewing it today, it occurred to me that it sounds like we, in our role as Birthlight teachers, don't promote the biological nurturing or laid-back breastfeeding approach to feeding.  What is the Birthlight standpoint on laid-back breastfeeding? Is it  seen as not as good for realignment postnatally? Or is it seen as equally good because it encourages relaxation of the mother's body? Thanks!

Seeking a Birthlight Baby yoga Teacher for Nursery in Croydon

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Hello Birthlight yogis,

We are looking for a Birthlight Baby Yoga teacher to take over a weekly block of classes on Wednesday mornings for a nursery chain in Croydon.  The blocks are between 1 hour and 1.5hrs each week. 


The children are grouped into under 2 yrs, 2-3yrs and pre-schoolers. 

Term time only.


Start date: Wednesday 7 September. 

Pay rate: £25 per hour


Please email if you are interested in the post.

Beware of Phishing Emails / Baby Yoga Video on FB

Dear all,
Sophos Security has informed us that there is an increase in phishing emails with PayPal and Apple phishing emails as the top 2 most used phishing emails.  If you did not expect to receive an email or if you do not know the sender then be suspicious especially if the email asks you to open an attachment or to click on a link. (more: ).  Then it is most likely an email which is going to unload malware onto your computer as soon as you open the attachment or click the link.  So my advice : leave it alone and don't touch it.

Btw Sophos also weighed in on the Baby Yoga Video on Facebook that caused people worldwide to be distressed at what they saw: