Breech presentation at 34 weeks

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Breech presentation at 34 weeks

One of my ladies has been told that her baby is at breech. She is only 34 weeks, so there is still time for baby to turn naturally, but she is still very worried. She doesn't yet know whether the baby is back to back or to the front, so I have given her both posutres (hips above chest and legs up the wall with cushion under the hips). She will use the most appropriate after the scan. However I would like to reach deep into community if there is anything else that I can suggest.

Thank you as always.


I'd agree that 34 weeks is

I'd agree that 34 weeks is too early to start worrying.

I've found the following website really useful:

Some of the ladies I teach have used these techniques and had some amazing success.

Good luck and happy reading!

Spinning Babies

What a great site Anita! Thanks