Tips for Using the Birthlight Forums Website

Dear all,

The forums exist to help you along in your Birthlight experience so please do draw on the experience of others who have been at it for years and years.  Tutors, teachers, and other Birthlighters including Francoise are eager to help when they can.  Some tips in using the forum:

1.  Firstly, pleaes login because not all forums will be visible until you login.  Then click on the "Forum" tab on the top navigation menu of this site to go to post a message to the forum.  When there at the Forums page you will see that there are many different categories.  Please post in the category most appropriate to your question/concern (e.g. "Baby Swimming" (former Infant Aquatics), Baby Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Perinatal Yoga, etc).

2.  Make full use of the "Search" feature on this site as it can search posts which go back years and years.  So, do take advantage of the years and years of information by first searching on your topic to see if your question may have been already addressed in previous years.

3.  If you are having trouble logging in you may want to try first logging into Facebook as many of you have used the login details from your Facebook account when you initially signed up.  If that is so, then when you try to login to the forums it will first check to see if you are logged into Facebook and if you are then it will automatically log you into the forums.  This alleviates having to remember many different passwords for many different sites.  If you still are having trouble then contact me and I will sort it out for you.

4.  Please do not advertise your services on this site. (see Usage Policies)

5.  Mostly, enjoy your interaction with each other and help each other whenever you are able.

Thank you,
Forum Moderator