Password Security

I recently heard a story which reminded me of how we can all play a part in keeping our computer systems secure. You may have heard that the Democratic National Convention emails were leaked during the presidential campaign in America. It has since been revealed that Hilary Clinton's presidential campaign chairman used the password "password". This would be one of the first passwords checked by Script Kiddies and also true hackers who are trying to gain access. So, it's just a reminder to us all to keep using strong passwords and to continue to operate with a security mindset in our Birthlight and personal work. I can tell you from the logs on my own web servers that there are always a number of attempts each day to login to my servers by illicit individuals. That's just the world we live in. Best to use both capital and lowercase letter, special characters and numbers in your password and make sure that the password has a minimum of 12 characters in it (at least as of this date/writing).