Varicose Veins- prevention ~caution ~ special poses

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Varicose Veins- prevention ~caution ~ special poses

Dear Birthlight Family , 

Would appreciate your guidance for helping women with varicose veins.

yoga practices to alleviate varicose veins during pregnancy

Dear Amena,

This is a condition for which Viparita Karani is most beneficial, with the pelvis raised on a couple of firm pillows and legs against a wall or resting on a chair if this is tiring, every evening for about 20 minutes if possible (a good time to practise some Pranayama and relax, perhaps listening to a tape).  When sitting at work, women can use a box to raise their legs under their desk. It is better not to hold standing poses, but to use flow yoga. Avoid Vajrasana unless women can use one cushion under their feet and another to sit on. Avoid hot baths.

These are all very common sense practices but cumulatively they can be very effective. Pregnant women with varicose veins are often only offered support tights. These are effective but also constricting. Yoga supported inversions are something positive women can do when they are not wearing the support tights, particularly in the evenings when many women have heavy legs.

Let's put all ideas together on this Forum... all best wishes, Francoise.