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Birthlight Wiki - what is it?

The Birthlight wiki is an information portal about birthlight in the vein of wikipedia-like information portals.  It contains general information about Birthlight and a ton of information especially about how to use the Birthlight G Suite system.  You can access the Birthlight Wiki here (scroll down to the bottom to see the section on G Suite)

Then you can use the "Find" mechanism of your browser (for Chrome click on 3 gray dots in the upper righthand corner and then click "Find") to find any topic that you are looking for on the Wiki (e.g. "gmail")


How to use Google Drive on your Mobile Phone

Did you know that Google Drive is an app you can install on your mobile phone?  It is and it opens up a number of possibilities for collaboration.  Just go to the App Store on the iphone or Google Play on an Android phone to download the app.  A green-gold-blue triangle is the app's icon.


Once you have installed it on your phone you can use it to send photos or any other type of files to collaborators (e.g. other tutors, Birthlight office personnell, etc). Here's how via screenshots from my iphone6:

1.  double-click the drive icon to open it (circled in red below)

drive 2

2a.  Let's say you want to share a photo you've taken on your phone during a course with the BL office staff.  Find the photo click the "share" button (circled in red below)


Phishing is #1

number 1 phishingOver 95% of all successful cyber attacks/malware attacks start with a phishing email in which you have to click a link or open an attachment. It is the #1 vector for successful cyber attacks. So be careful in the way you handle your email!!  If you are skeptical then don't touch it!!  Feel free to contact me as well if you have questions about a suspicious email.  I can try to verify if it is on the scam list or not.

How to transfer big files easily - really easily

We Transfer

Let's imagine a scenario where you just need to send a very large file (say over 25Mb) as a one-off to somebody else.  As you may know, email has size limitations regarding the size of attachments.  For example, gmail's limit is 25mb (megabytes).  Any gmail with an attachment over 25mb will be rejected and will not send.  The person you are sending to also uses an email carrier (e.g. microsoft, yahoo, btinternet, etc) who has their own limit too.  Therefore, it can be difficult to know if your large graphic file will ever reach its recipient.  But now there is a better and simpler way - WeTransfer.  It is free, simple and can handle files up to 2GB.

So, for that class banner or poster which you created in Publisher that you want to send to the printers you can just send it through WeTransfer.  You don't even need to sign-up or create an account - just go to their website and give your email, recipient's email and attach the file - that's it!  Try it:

How to secure your facebook settings after FB's GDPR update

Facebook recently enlisted some updates to its privacy policy due to the approaching GDPR requirement.  Here is why it is important (taken from the Money Saving Expert article):


Previously, these privacy controls were hidden within the settings, but there is now a new central hub which makes controlling your data privacy a simpler process. However, due to the pop-up which many people sped through, it’s easy to have allowed access to your data and accepted face recognition - we take you through how you can amend this below.

It’s really important because the data collected by Facebook allows its advertising partners to ‘target’ ads to specific groups of people, which affects the ads you see on Facebook. In addition, allowing third parties access to your data - including your photos, political views and phone number – means they could spam you with all sorts.

How to spot phishing emails before it is too late

Phishing emails are emails which usually pretend to be from a well-known company (e.g. Google, Apple, Microsoft) which ask the user to click and link in the email and supply personal information such as a password or account number of a bank.  It is really an email from a hacker seeking to capture one's password or personal information in order to break into your account or steal your identity.  In other words they are fishing for information.  If we are click happy and click the link in the body of the email without thinking and provide the information then we give away a password or personal information which can be useful to the hacker.  In order to protect yourself from these attacks then please see this article by imore which although is written for the mac apple computer has application to any computer/email account:

How to Prevent an Email to Hotmail from Being Filtered as Spam or Blocked

If an person at Birthlight is trying to send an email to somebody with a hotmail address (for other email vendors see below) and it is getting blocked by the hotmail spam filter then the best way around this is to add the Birthlight email address or domain name (better yet) to a "whitelist" in the account of the person at hotmail who you are trying to contact.  That person with the hotmai address must do the following to add the Birthlight person to their "whitelist" (which is like an "accepted" list or "invited guest" list)


Birthlight's thoughts on biological nurturing approach to feeding?

Aurea Kelvin's picture


I've been on the postnatal course recently and we covered the topic of the aligned postnatal sitting position today and while I was reviewing it today, it occurred to me that it sounds like we, in our role as Birthlight teachers, don't promote the biological nurturing or laid-back breastfeeding approach to feeding.  What is the Birthlight standpoint on laid-back breastfeeding? Is it  seen as not as good for realignment postnatally? Or is it seen as equally good because it encourages relaxation of the mother's body? Thanks!