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Backup , Backup & Backup

You have heard it said that you should backup your computer.  You can't say it enough.  Anyone running their own courses should have backups of their records.  No matter which backup solution you choose you should start with a full backup of your system and then run backups on any files that have changed perferably at the end of each day (these are called "incremental backups").  Also, before you begin trusting this backup system try restoring a file and make sure it works!  Not only should we backup our computers but also our phones.  What if you lose your phone - would you lose valuable contact details?


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Beware of Phishing Emails / Baby Yoga Video on FB

Dear all,
Sophos Security has informed us that there is an increase in phishing emails with PayPal and Apple phishing emails as the top 2 most used phishing emails.  If you did not expect to receive an email or if you do not know the sender then be suspicious especially if the email asks you to open an attachment or to click on a link. (more: ).  Then it is most likely an email which is going to unload malware onto your computer as soon as you open the attachment or click the link.  So my advice : leave it alone and don't touch it.

Btw Sophos also weighed in on the Baby Yoga Video on Facebook that caused people worldwide to be distressed at what they saw: