How to use Google Drive on your Mobile Phone

Did you know that Google Drive is an app you can install on your mobile phone?  It is and it opens up a number of possibilities for collaboration.  Just go to the App Store on the iphone or Google Play on an Android phone to download the app.  A green-gold-blue triangle is the app's icon.


Once you have installed it on your phone you can use it to send photos or any other type of files to collaborators (e.g. other tutors, Birthlight office personnell, etc). Here's how via screenshots from my iphone6:

1.  double-click the drive icon to open it (circled in red below)

drive 2

2a.  Let's say you want to share a photo you've taken on your phone during a course with the BL office staff.  Find the photo click the "share" button (circled in red below)


drive 10





2b.  When I click the share button we see Google Drive as one of one of the sharing options (you may have to click "more" if you don't see the Drive icon at first)


3.  Once you click Google Drive it will ask you to setup what account, folder etc to use for this share

drive 6

4.  Then Save it to the proper location

drive 8


5.  Then upload it to Drive

drive 9


That's it!  Your photos (or files) are now on Google Drive and shareable with whoever you designated. 

You can upload photos , or take a photo of the attendance record for the course or whatever and share it with the Birthlight community via Google Drive.