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Hi folks

Just getting into being back on the forum and already have something for which I would like some advice.

I have a little boy in my classes called Thomas. He is 11 months old, and has recently joined my classes.

He has quite major reflux and seems to take in a lot of water during class in general but his mum says particularly in submerson work. He then struggles with it afterwards for the rest of the day sometimes.  It seems to be worse if he is moving forward whilst being submerged as opposed to just going straight down.

I promised his mum that I would ask if anyone had any ideas: if there are any other options for him or if not it may be best for him not to do them for a few weeks and then try again.  His reflux is improving but he still needs medication as it gets very bad again if they try to wean him off it. He hasn't had the easiest start and couldn't lie down properly until he was 9 months old and so me and Mum are a bit reticent to do anything that may set him back again.

It must be said that the submersions don't actually bother him that much when they happen: he just has issues after class.

Hope someone can help.