Abduction of hip joints

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Abduction of hip joints

Abduction of hip joints
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Hi everyone,

Looking for some guidence from more experinced Baby Yoga teachers out there. I have a new 7 month old coming to my class tomorrow who's mum has been told her baby has slightly abducted hips. Baby is sitting but not crawling yet. Are there any particulare movements I shopuld avoid and any which may be beneficial?


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Re: Abduction of hip joints
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I would work witht legs parallel. Avoid butterfly and extended moves until such times as the muscle around the pelvis have strengthened. Closing of the hips would probably help. Start with very tiny movesand gradually get bigger. Small is excellant and most effective. Always reassure mum and remind her to work WITH her baby never forcing any moves. So lots of eye contact and picking up on all infant ques.