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Hello Everyone,

I have a lady who is 32 weeks pregnant with twins and has been attending my Aqua Yoga classes since she was 19 weeks. She was away last week and missed a class as she was on holidays but has now text me to say she has been suffering with piles and is in really bad pain. She can't drive and has been off work. Are there any moves I should avoid? I am thinking squats and wide moves horizontally in the water and are there any moves that will assist? She has asked if she should avoid Aqua yoga but I advised being in the water alone will be relief for her. My class is on Sunday so any information before then would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your help

Best wishes


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Re: haemorrhoids/piles
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Hi Haileigh This is, sadly, a fairly common occurrence and not just in twin pregnancies. Aqua Pelvic floor exercises (as taught on the Aqua Yoga course) are ideal to stimulate blood circulation around the anal sphincter and to prevent constipation. The only risk is if you work in a hydropool with water temperature over 35 degrees, this might be too hot. Your lady should avoid hot baths at this time. Psyllium seeds, that can be bought in health food shops (also called linseeds) soaked overnight in juice and eaten the next morning with a spoon as they form a jelly, are the best way to ensure softer stools and easier bowel movements for pregnant women affected by haemorrhoids. With best wishes and do not carry the world on your shoulders, unfortunately yoga and aqua yoga cannot always help with everything, we just do our best! Francoise