Vulva varicose veins

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Vulva varicose veins

Vulva varicose veins
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I'm not sure if that is the right description of what I am talking about but a couple of ladies in my classes have had this problem lately. It is where there seems to be varicose veins in the vulva. It causes the area to become very swollen and one of my ladies describes it as "having a throbbing undercarriage". I think she has it particularly badly. Does anyone know of anything that can help? I have suggested using one of those gel packs that you can use when you have had perineal damage and trying not to sit down for too long periods.

Thank you.

Nicola x

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Re: Vulva varicose veins
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Hi Nicola,

Since nobody replied yet, I searched the forums. You may search them by entering "varicose" in the search at the top right hand corner of the page on the forum. Here's how:

1. sign in to the forum

2. enter your search term into the search box in upper right hand corner of the page (in this case "varicose")

or you may

1. sign in to the forums

2. click on

Then in the results notice the third entry down. It is quite a discussion but about 1/2 way down Claire from Watford has a suggested position that apparently helps.