Childbirth Preparation 2 day course

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Childbirth Preparation 2 day course

Childbirth Preparation 2 day course
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Thanks Sally for the simply brilliant 2 days we did in London with you on all aspects of Childbirth Preparation earlier this week.

As a retired midwife and Birthlight yogacise teacher, I learnt so much and was remimded of how much I had forgotten!!.

The course brought in everything we can use in our classes to help mums and their partners on ther journey of birth and future parenthood.

It has renewed my enthusiasm, boosted Sarah, my future daughter in law's confidence as a student midwife and above all was great fun.

The friendship and interaction with all the other lovely participants on the course was very special as well. I learnt from them too.

The venue at the Yogamatters studio was just right and I wish I could do the course all over again!

Sally you are a superbe teacher and thanks once again

Chris XX

Chris Johnston
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Web site: Birthlight classes in Chelmsford
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Re: Childbirth Preparation 2 day course
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I only thought to myself yesterday "I must check the dates of the Birth Prep course", and oh no! missed it!

I'm glad the course went well, and all the feedback from it I've seen is all great!
Thanks Chris for posting this feedback - it's most helpful

Just got to wait for the dates for next one to be anounced....

Om Shanti,

Barry Elms - Yoga Therapist