Help! Possible SPD?

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Help! Possible SPD?

Help! Possible SPD?
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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am currently doing my 1 to 1 case study after doing the foundation course in December. My student is 31 weeks pregnant, and has been complaining of aching hips for a few weeks. She is having her second child, and has also started to feel an ache in the left groin. She is worried that this may be SPD and her GP hasn't been much help! It is an ache rather than a pain,and is pretty constant rather than occuring at particular times. Any ideas on what I can teach her to help with this?

Thank you!


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Re: Help! Possible SPD?
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Hi Claire,

SPD was an area much discussed on the old forum, link below

You may find it informative to read the testimony from a sufferer of SPD which shows that it can be addressed successfully with Yoga even in a quite severe form. All women sufferers are told by health professionals is to keep their legs together and suffer. There is a better way ….

Hope this helps