Save our independent midwives

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Save our independent midwives

Save our independent midwives
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Independent midwifery is under threat. Please see the letter below from Anja K Metzner, independent midwife.

You may have heard on Woman's Hour this week or from other sources that Independent Midwifery is currently under threat as the government has decided to make Professional Indemnity Insurance mandatory for all Health Professionals by 2008-09.You may be aware that this insurance is currently not available to Independent Midwives as no Insurance company globally is willing to offer us this type of insurance.The government is currently not considering to offer us such an insurance but rather to force us back into the NHS.


The Independent Midwives Association is rolling out a national campaign to save Independent Midwifery on the 12th March. We are approaching newspapers, radio, TV and the government, writing letters and press releases, but we/ I need your help. We have set up an e-petition at No 10 - please see link below.

I know all of your lives are busy but if you want to see the option of Independent Midwifery Care for women in this country, future pregnancies or your own children then please make your voice heard now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Anja K-Metzner, RM, Independent Midwife, 01825 714538/07841 123121,

Here is the link to sign the No 10 petition to save Independent midwifery:

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Re: Save our independent midwives
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Thanks Julia for raising the awareness of this important campaign. I hope it will be possible to rally support within Birthlight as each of us is in touch with quite a few women who have been attended by independent midwives. Those of us Birthlight teachers who are also birth supporters and have worked closely with independent midwives will feel particularly motivated to sign the petition. I will contact Anja. There is a strong international network of midwives working in countries where they face similar challenges and by pooling ideas new solutions might be identified. Can you imagine Britain without independent midwives? something so precious would be lost that we must make space in our busy lives to protect it.