Successful brow presentation deliveries

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Successful brow presentation deliveries

Successful brow presentation deliveries
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I just wanted to put a quick and happy note up. This is not so much to do with antenatal yoga as the birth process itself, but they are clearly related! And for me, my knowledge of Birthlight yoga made it possible to have a normal birth, under pressure to have a c-section.

When a baby is coming head first but has his/her head deflexed so that the forehead is coming first it is generally obstretrically accepted that the baby will not deliver vaginally and that a c-section will be needed.

In the small midwifery unit where I work a baby has recently come into life eye first! i.e. a twisted brow presentation. I have heard of this happening on another occation too. Niether babies were at all small.

I have successfully (with the help of my daughter) managed to move my daughter from a back to back twisted brow presentation to a normal 'back to front' crown first position during labour, with many thanks to Francoise.

I guess what I'm saying it that baby's and women's bodies are amazing and an open mind is a gift!


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Re: Successful brow presentation deliveries
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thank you for sharing this. I ove to have these stories (confirmations) at my finger tip in my preg yoga class. The poor mums get so upset with some of the things they are told my some Drs and obstetricians it is no wonder they can not have an easy birth. I hope you will agree to me quoting your story if I ever need to as a reassurance to those in doubt that THEY CAN do it and that all things are possible.

well done and congratulations