Toddler with pectus excavatum

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Toddler with pectus excavatum

Toddler with pectus excavatum
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Happy New Year to you all.

I have a little boy (14 months) about to start classes. His mummy informs me he has a funnel chest / pectus excavatum. She understands from a medical point of view that this will have no impact on his ability to take part in classes. What I was hoping is that someone has experience of teaching a child with this condition, and are there specific exercises we could try like postural exercises in the water. My im,mediate thought is a seat hold to strengthen his spine and promote a good posture..any other idea would be most welcome.

Best wishes to all


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Re: Toddler with pectus excavatum
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Hi there

I had a baby a couple of years ago with this condition in my Mamma and Baby Yoga class. We used to do lots of work to expand the chest. I did some research into the condition on the internet and came across this amazing doctor in Brazil who uses exercise rather than braces to correct this condition. It really seemed as if he was doing yoga without realising it! One of the things he recommended was getting the child to blow bubbles through a straw into a bowl of water to really encourage deep breathing and activating all the chest and ribs. Seeing as you are in water you could encourage blowing out a long stream of bubbles?

I don't have the link to the website, but if you have time and you find it, it might be worth putting the link in here.

The little boy had no problem joining in with everything and I think it helped his mum feel good that he seemed like all the other babies and that she was able to do something that may help.

Let us all know how you get on.

Peace and Joy Always

Cat x x