Hole in the heart

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Hole in the heart

Hole in the heart
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I have a new mum who is very keen to start classes with her 3 month old little girl. She has asked me for advice as her baby has a hole in the heart and she wanted to know if this would be a problem at all. I have asked her to speak to her doctor / health visitor for advice but just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and what (if any) the consequences are for infant aquatics?

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Re: Hole in the heart
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Just to let you know that I am not speaking as a medical person, but as the Mum of a "heart baby".

There should be no problem with a simple hole in the heart. A lot of babies are born with holes in the heart (all have them while in the womb as it's physiologically required) and most simple holes heal themselves and don't require surgery. If the hole is a large or complex one, your mum will be able to get in touch with her little girl's consultant just to put her mind at rest: if she doesn't have a consultant then the hole is probably a simple one.

My son literally had half a heart (his condition was Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) which required open heart surgery at 2 days old, then again at 5 months. He never had any problems in the water, or under the water for that matter. I was always on the look out for any signs of respiratory distress, but nothing ever happened in the water. I looked on it as a fantastic form of exercise that put no additional stresses on the breathing or the heart due to the fact that the water offers so much support. Matthew just loved it!

Hope this helps a little.