Dry skin

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Dry skin

Dry skin
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Hello all

<>This post is for anyone who like me suffers from dry itchy skin after being in the pool teaching for a few hours at a time!

I find the combination of chlorine and warm water leaves me with very dry itchy skin but I have finally found a product which really helps. It is called 'dermaswim pro' and it is now stocked at swimshop.co.uk (I previously got it from the states). It is a barrier cream which you apply before swimming and it stops the action of the chlorine on the skin. It was designed for competitive swimmers and leaves you feeling very silky and slippery so it is vital to wash it off your hands after applying otherwise you will find it very difficult to hold small children!!

<>Another reason to consider using it is that you may have seen in the press recently a link between chlorine and bladder cancer and the possibility that the chlorine may be absorbed through the skin to a certain extent. While I don't think the link has been actually proven, as teachers who spend lengthy time in the pool it is reasonable to consider taking some precautions.

<>The cream costs around £10 for a large 8oz tube.

<>Best wishes to all

<><><>Lisa Bartlett


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Re: Dry skin
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Thanks Lisa, I read an article about the link between chlorine and bladder cancer it reported research done by a Spanish university. Sounds like the cream is well worth a try.