Aqua natal teacher vacancy Bristol

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Aquatic Harmony teach aqua natal and baby swim in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire, we have been running for over three years and business has blossomed.  We are currently looking for a Birthlight aqua natal teacher to join us in teaching our seventy plus ladies a week in one of the four locations in Bristol.  One of our Birthlight teachers is now on maternity leave and so we are looking to cover her classes on a Sunday and a Tuesday or Thursday evenings, there could also be an opportunity to teach more classes in 2015.

helping babies sleep better with yoga and other ideas -class topic

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My baby yoga class is interested in having sleep as a topic this week. I don't usually have a theme, so I have a few  questions:

1. Other than the suggestions in the course manual ( gentle hip sequence in early evening, energetic actions to extend playtime, and joint relaxation), do you have any baby yoga techniques that you suggest to help sleep? Are there specific hip sequences that are better than others?

2. Do you have any suggestions on how to help babies sleep that are not from yoga, but are in keeping with the Birthlight philosophy?

Francoise's Peru Trip - Day 3 & 4

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Landing in Tarapoto, the gateway town and airport to the northern Peruvian Upper Amazon, is always a shock for me as I recall the area covered with forest thirty years ago. Now it looks more like Austria, with lots of deforested slopes. In the Huallaga river valley, the rice paddies that have displaced the indigenous people to search for ‘free’ forest areas further away seem out of place. Is this really the promised ‘bread basket’ of the Peruvian Amazon?


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Dear fellow teachers,

I am moving to Canterbury (from London)  if any of you are in the area it would be lovely to meet you.

I teach pre-natal and I will be looking to teach/set up classes in Canterbury, would be great to introduce myself to you if you are already teaching prenatal in the area so we could exchange ideas and support each other. 

Please do contact me at postureawareness@gmail if you are interested.

Much love,


Vitamin D Supplementation

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There is current debate about whether Vitamin D supplementation can be of benefit to mother and baby if taken pre and or postnatally. What is your personal experience of this? Have you been recommended to take vitamin D during or after pregnancy and/or to give it to your baby? Have you noticed any effects? Do you think it can help reduce pain in labour? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Do high levels of vitamin D decrease pain during childbirth?

Welcome - Pls Read

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Welcome to TalkPoint!  TalkPoint is the forum where Birthlight will raise a monthly issue of importance to the community.  The discussion topic will be raised in the montly Birthlight newsletter and then discussed here.  Please follow the Discussion Forum guidelines when interacting on the forum:


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Is co-sleeping putting your baby at risk?

NICE  (National Institute for Health Care and Clinical Excellence) is currently updating its guidance on post-natal care for use in the NHS on reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The recommendations below are not clear about the risk involved. There ‘may be an increase in the number of cases of SIDS, and the term ‘association’ has been used to make it clear that there is no cause-effect relationship at stake. But what will parents hear?

Birthlight teacher needed in Southall, UB2

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Windmill Park Childrens Centre, 1 Tulip Close, Southall, UB2 4UZ Is looking for birthlight qualified teachers for Antenatal, Baby and Toddlers sessions, all separate sessions.

The teacher also need insurance in place to cover these age ranges.


Please contact:

Jenisha Patel

Children's Centre Administrator

Grove House and Windmill Park Children's Centre

Tel: 020 8571 0878 or 020 8574 5310