Birthlight Perinatal Yoga teacher wanted in Battersea

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Local dedicated Yoga and Meditation Studio based in Battersea is looking for potential teachers (specifically qualified to teach Birthlight Pregnancy and or Postnatal Yoga) who might be interested in working with them.
Studio director Nadia Raafat (who has previously qualified with Birthlight as an antenatal, postnatal and baby yoga teacher)
Please contact the studio direct if interested...
Ren Ruseva
Studio Co-ordinator
The Conservatory, Bakery Place, 119 Altenburg Gardens, London SW11 1JQ  


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Hi folks

Just getting into being back on the forum and already have something for which I would like some advice.

I have a little boy in my classes called Thomas. He is 11 months old, and has recently joined my classes.

He has quite major reflux and seems to take in a lot of water during class in general but his mum says particularly in submerson work. He then struggles with it afterwards for the rest of the day sometimes.  It seems to be worse if he is moving forward whilst being submerged as opposed to just going straight down.

Research into music and the unborn baby

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I have a colleague who is interested in the very early influences of environment on children, specifically music and whether children recognised music from when they were in the womb, or any experiences of babies moving to music whilst in the womb. If you could share your knowledge on this with her via me I would be most grateful.  Eryl

Postnatal bodies and yoga

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Hello, I was having a discussion with two yoga teacher friends, all 3 of us have had babies in the last 15 months, all 3 of us are still breastfeeding and all of us have abdominal splits. When we compared notes, we've all been suffering with low back and hip pain, which has become more of an issue as we resume our personal yoga practice and teaching.

Breech presentation at 34 weeks

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One of my ladies has been told that her baby is at breech. She is only 34 weeks, so there is still time for baby to turn naturally, but she is still very worried. She doesn't yet know whether the baby is back to back or to the front, so I have given her both posutres (hips above chest and legs up the wall with cushion under the hips). She will use the most appropriate after the scan. However I would like to reach deep into community if there is anything else that I can suggest.

Thank you as always.


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